What restrictions exist in the lease documents on my right to use my unit?

You will be allowed to operate any business or use in your unit as allowed by the municipal zoning and deed restrictions for the site. Further, there may be other restrictions as covered in the Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures for the lease space as spelled out in your lease agreement.


Can I rent my reserved outdoor parking/storage spaces?

Yes, those spaces are yours, and you can choose to sub-lease those spaces out as long as they don’t violate the zoning or deed restrictions on the property, and that you and your tenant will still be responsible to abide by the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. You will also need to notify the landlord and property manager of the sub-lease, and use the landord’s approved sub-lease agreement. Further, you will need to contact the property manager to receive the gate code specific to your sub-lease tenant.


Who do I call if my roof is leaking?

You will need to notify the property manager.


What utilities are my direct responsibility?

Each unit has a separately metered gas line, water line, and electricity, which you are responsible for as a tenant.
The landscape sprinklers, pavilion water, gas, electric, security lighting and cameras, as well as the security gates, are all considered Common Area Maintenance expenses, and you will pay your pro rata share of those expenses each month in the CAM charges (additional rent).


How do I get to use the community forklift?

In order to have use of the community forklift, each tenant will need to provide proof to the property manager, that one or more of their employees are safety trained on the use of the forklift. Proof of insurance will also need to be provided, showing that the landlord is covered as an additional insured under your current insurance.


My HVAC isn’t working properly. Who is responsible?

If your heating, ventilation or air conditioning unit isn’t working correctly, it is actually your responsibility as a tenant to both maintain your unit, and hire a company to repair or adjust any aspect of the HVAC system. However, if you have a serious issue after normal business hours, please call 855-AllTrades.


I just terminated an employee, how do I remove their security code for the secured outdoor parking?

As a tenant, you will need to contact the property manager who has administrative access to the gate security system. This will allow you to add, remove, change any security codes for you and your staff.  If you do NOT remove your prior employee’s access code, you may be responsible for any theft or damage that occurs to the common area, or your neighbor’s unit or equipment, vehicles stored or parked in their reserved parking spaces.