AllTrades WorkSpace Shops™

Your office, warehouse, secure yard all consolidated in a single spot.

Simplify your operations to generate cost and time efficiencies and upgrade your image with AllTrades WorkSpace Shops™

For all of us, windshield time is escalating; adding fuel costs and a ticking labor clock as your team has more and more non-billable hours. AllTrades locations are convenient to highways, accelerating time-to-job, and reducing costs.

Many trades, contractors, and service businesses store their equipment, inventory, and vehicles in different places. What if you had it all in one place?  How much time and cost-savings would you gain?

Additional shared resource benefits include the use of a community forklift, there when you need it, but at a fractional cost.

In addition, AllTrades WorkSpace Shops provide an appealing, professional, and attractive shop-front for your customers, team, and vendors. You’ll even have access to a picnic BBQ pavilion for team events and celebrations.

Finally, a safe, secure, single location for all your tools, trailers, equipment, materials, inventory and vehicles.


Designed with you in mind

  • Gated and fenced with 24/7 video recording security.
  • Dedicated outdoor trailer/equipment parking/storage area directly behind your shop.
  • Trailer-friendly wide aprons with a generous turning radius.
  • 14-foot-wide by 14-foot high doors for easy access to your unit.

Decrease Downtime

  • Stage your inventory, materials and equipment at your facility.
  • Prevent Pilfering: Your stuff stays in your shop!
  • Mitigate moonlighting of your equipment, inventory, materials and tools.

Gain Peace-of-mind:

  • Reduce your vulnerability to theft and vandalism.
  • No more complaints from neighbors or HOA violations.
  • No more worrying about securing your equipment.

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